Everything You Need to Know: Interview with Jan-Peter Brüning, author of the book Luftwaffe Gravity Knife: Weapon, Tool, Tradition

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: © Jan-Peter Brüning, published with his permission ΣΤΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ/IN GREEK  The “gravity knife” used mainly by German paratroopers during the Second World War has gained mythological dimensions. In many countries it is known today as the “Gravity Knife” but in Germany, the country of its origin, everybody just calls them Kappmesser – […]

Commemorating the crew of the RAAF Bristol Beaufort A9-317, lost on September 9, 1943

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and documentation by Pamela Harrison www.ww2wrecks.com has previously featured a story on The WW2 “flying coffin” that never returned: The search for the lost Beaufort  Mrs. Pamela Harrison has dedicated her time and efforts to help locate the doomed aircraft and the final resting place of its crew members. On September 9, 2020, 77 […]

Markos Danezis: The “magician” who transforms faded memories into vivid images

By Pierre Kosmidis Markos Danezis, from Athens, Greece, has a special talent:  He  transforms old faded photos in realistic pictures, as if they were shot minutes ago, with the latest technology camera. Markos is dedicated to absolute historical accuracy and thoroughly researches all background of the photos he works on, in order to achieve the optimal […]

FOUND! A Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero supporting structure for 250 kg bombs

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Panayotis Mprokos Rodos island, under Italian occupation from 1912 to 1943, was a base of strategic importance for the Regia Aeronautica. From the airfields of Rodos, Regia Aeronautica bombers could attack Allied shipping in the Mediterranean and even reach targets in the Red Sea and the Middle East. After the capitulation […]

The search for the B17 and the human bond 7 decades later

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and research by Jim Corbett Jim Corbett from the UK is an aviation enthusiast, who researches crashed aircraft sites, having discovered a variety of WW2 Wrecks. Among them, the wreck site of B17G-50DL 44-6504, 303BG/360BS, crashed 16/12/1944 at Braydon Crag, The Cheviot, Northumberland, UK. Jim Corbett not only unraveled the specifics of the […]

Luc Vanrell: L’homme qui a trouvé l’avion P-38 Lightning du “Petit Prince” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

By Pierre Kosmidis   Luc Vanrell, est un plongeur, photographe et explorateur sous-marin français, découvreur de nombreuses épaves dont la plus connue est celle du P-38 de Saint-Exupéry, lors de sa dernière mission au-dessus de la Méditerranée, le 31 juillet 1944. Les restes de l’avion de l’écrivain-pilote gisent par 83 mètres de fond, dans la rade de Marseille. Expliquez nous […]

Found and identified: Two WW2 wrecks lost since April 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by Helen Tsopouropoulou, used by permission In the bustling port of Piraeus nowadays, thousands of tourists from all over the world are waiting every day to sail for a holiday to the Aegean islands and dozens of ships of all types are berthed at the docks. Credit Image:  John H Marsh Maritime, […]

Vickers Wellington: A rare WW2 treasure at the seabed of the Aegean Sea

By Pierre Kosmidis PHOTOS: LENA TSOPOUROPOULOU   www.wreckdiving.gr   The Vickers Wellington bomber found in Sifnos Island at the Cyclades, Greece, is one of the few wrecks of its type -if not the only one- that is preserved in such an excellent condition. Another forgotten page from the years of World War II was discovered thanks […]