The rebirth of Typhoon JP843

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Ian Slater, JP843 Project Lead, Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. exclusively to and used by permission Hawker Typhoon JP843 was the fourth production batch of 600 aircraft built by Gloster Aircraft during 1943, deliveries for this batch started 5/4/1943 and ended 12/1943. JP843 was originally fitted with the “Car Door” canopy, faired cannons and early […]

“Moudros”: A WW2 wreck at a depth of 100 metres in the Saronic Gulf

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and video: © Marinos Giourgas, published under license Aegeantec on Instagram:   Marinos Aegeantec on facebook: Mr. Marinos Giourgas is an experienced technical scuba diver and Instructor, credited with the exploration of several WW2 Wrecks in Greece. Recently, along with a technical scuba diving team, consisting of Vasilis Spyropoulos OC diver, and Tasos Papapanos and Antonis Strouzas […]

Aviation Archaeology: Solving the mystery of the Lancaster NN775

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and Research: Cynrik De Decker, Frédéric Pauwels/Collectif Huma, Planehunters and BAHAAT (click links in RED for further reading). It is thanks to the efforts of Aviation enthusiasts that the world finally found out about the sad fate of 7 airmen killed in action in the last days of World War Two. Buried deep in Belgian […]

A 1944 Willys MB Jeep restoration from A to Z. Akiss Paraskevopoulos and his WW2 legend

By Pierre Kosmidis Internationally acclaimed photographer Akiss Paraskevopoulos is the happy owner of a historic WW2 vehicle, a legendary 1944 Willys MB Jeep, equipped with a 2.2 lt. engine (55 hp), which with great effort, commitment and above all love, managed to bring it again to perfect working condition. Akiss Paraskevopoulos unfolds the thread of the myth that […]

FOUND! An intact Mitsubishi Zero A6M2b “Reisen” 零式艦上戦闘機

By Pierre Kosmidis Rod Pearce has dedicated his time and efforts finding underwater aircraft wrecks and seeking closure to the families of hundreds -if not thousands- of Missing in Action (MIA) airmen from all nations that fought during World War Two. Rod has been diving in Papua New Guinea for 40 years and is credited […]

Quota 731: Nemici in vita, fratelli nella morte

Pierre Kosmidis Photos: George Krikelas La quota 731 era un campo di dure battaglie tra i greci e gli italiani, marzo 1941, durante l’attacco fallito primavera degli italiani, sotto lo sguardo di Mussolini. Quota 731 (dal nome l’elevazione di esso) si trova a circa 20 chilometri a nord di Kleisoura e per la sua posizione strategica, l’occupazione […]

Η άγνωστη μάχη: Η σφαγή στα Λουτρά Σιδηροκάστρου, 6-8 Απριλίου 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis Ιστορική τεκμηρίωση & φωτογραφίες: Ηλίας Κοτρίδης – Αντισυνταγματάρχης ε.α., Ερευνητής, Συγγραφέας CLICK THE LINKS BELOW FOR RELATED STORIES IN ENGLISH WW2 bunkers in Greece: Lt. Colonel (ret.) Ilias Kotridis and the “Metaxas line” that stopped the nazis in 1941    Then and now: Arpalouki bunker complex, April 1941 – April 2016   Battlefield […]