The WW2 shipwrecks that disappeared: Underwater explorer Kevin Denlay’s interview on the lost fleet of the Pacific – PART 2

By Pierre Kosmidis – August 2017 Photos by Kevin Denlay (unless otherwise noted) Historical Photos: Kevin Denlay Collection READ PART ONE OF KEVIN DENLAY’S UNDERWATER EXPLORATIONS: WW2 Shipwreck exploration by Kevin Denlay: “Going back in time and bringing the ships back to life” – PART 1 Kevin Denlay is a pioneer in underwater exploration and has witnessed […]

Νέα στοιχεία οδηγούν στην πιθανή ταυτοποίηση του Ju52 της Ρόδου

By Pierre Kosmidis Φωτογραφίες και video: © Μαρίνος Γιούργας, παραχωρήθηκαν στο και δημοσιεύονται κατόπιν αδείας.   Δείτε το βίντεο του Ju52:   Διαβάστε για το Ju52 της Ρόδου: Η ανακάλυψη, η κατάδυση και τα αναπάντητα ερωτήματα    READ THE STORY IN ENGLISH: The Ju52 found off Rodos island, possibly identified as DR + UA, ditched on March 31, […]

The Ju52 found off Rodos island, possibly identified as DR + UA, ditched on March 31, 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and video: © Marinos Giourgas, published under license aegeantec on Instagram:  Marinos Aegeantec on facebook: READ MORE ABOUT THE INITIAL DISCOVERY OF THE ILL-FATED Ju52  FOUND! A Ju 52 off Rodos island: The discovery, the exploration and the unanswered questions Mr. Marinos Giourgas B.Eng, M.Sc., DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor and a team of experienced […]

“Oria” shipwreck, the watery grave of 4,000 POWs in 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis The sinking of the steamship “Oria” in Gaidouronisi, a tragedy in the dark years of the nazi occupation of Greece in February 1944, which  resulted in 4,115 drowned Italian POWs, almost three times as many victims as the Titanic, is largely forgotten and kept in the dark drawers of history. Few people […]

The Brotherhood of Greek Veterans: Remembering and honouring all veterans and fallen comrades who served in Greece during WW2

By Pierre Kosmidis Information and photos submitted by David Sanderson, Chairman of the Brotherhood of Greek Veterans and used by permission. Thousands of Allied soldiers found themselves in the maelstrom of events following “Operation Marita”, the German invasion of Greece, which unfolded from April 6, 1941, until the end of May, when the Battle of Crete sealed the […]

Bunker Archaeology: WW2 German bunker complex in western Attica, by Konstantinos Kirimis

Information, research and photos by Konstantinos Kirimis Mr. Konstantinos Kirimis, a respected researcher and author, is a regular contributor of  and prepared a feature on a World War 2 bunker complex. During 1943, the German occupation forces in Greece, were expecting an Allied landing. In fact, this was deliberately circulated by the Allies, codenamed “Operation Animals”, as a distraction of […]

Stuka Attack! The new book on I./StG 3 Ju87 bombers in Southeast Europe and North Africa

By Pierre Kosmidis Information, photos and documents by Lt. Col. (ret.) Hans Peter Eisenbach, used by kind permission. A new book by acclaimed researcher and author Lt. Col. (ret.) Hans Peter Eisenbach is published, featuring the history of Sturzkampfgruppe I./3 in 1941. The book documents the history of Sturzkampfgruppe I./3, also known as the “Grazer Gruppe”, in 1941 and represents […]