The “Greek” M24 Chaffee Tanks

Photos by James Dixon, submitted to and used by permission The M24 Chaffee, the replacement for the M3/M5 Stuarts, was a leap forward in light tank design, improving the concept in all directions. It had modern torsion bar suspensions, completely revised welded steel armor, improved protection and, more importantly, a much more potent lightweight […]

Book presentation: Le Navi Ospedale Italiane Dopo l’Armistizio (The Italian Hospital Ships After the Armistice), by Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi

From the presentation of the book by Amm Isp. Capo (c.a.) Vincenzo Martines Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi  has already explored the world of Italian hospital ships with the recent valuable publication of the “Story of a white ship: Wandilla-Fort St.George- Cesarea- Arno 1912-1942” which ended with the sinking of the latter by of a British torpedo […]

The tragic end of Bristol Blenheim Mk I of 211 Sqn RAF, at 16:07 hrs., April 13, 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis Source: 211 Squadron RAF Photos: As credited On the afternoon of Easter Sunday, 13 April 1941, six of the Squadron’s seven remaining serviceable Blenheims took off from Paramythia for an unescorted daylight attack on German forces some some 120 miles away to the NNE, advancing South via the Monastir Gap through Florina […]

Αναδύεται στη μνήμη η τραγωδία του “Marguerite”

By Pierre Kosmidis Σαν σήμερα, ακριβώς πριν από 69 χρόνια στις 13 Οκτωβρίου του 1943 μια τραγωδία εκτυλίχθηκε στον Πατραϊκό Κόλπο, η οποία χρειάστηκε σχεδόν 65 χρόνια για να έρθει και πάλι στην επιφάνεια, χάρη στην ιστορική έρευνα και τις επιτόπιες καταδύσεις από ομάδα Ελλήνων αυτοδυτών. Μια υπόθεση γνωστή στους καταδυτικούς κύκλους, αλλά όχι και […]

Stepping back in time: Greek Army soldiers on the train to the front, 1940-2022

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by Giorgos Vergados © all rights reserved, submitted to and used by permission A group of reenactors from the Greek Historical Revival Group, along with photographers of the “Greek Instagramers Events” participated in an event, reviving the Greek Army mobilisation, following the unprovoked Italian aggression against Greece, on 28 October 1940. The reenactors staged […]

The 155mm naval gun battery of Trahilas and the Greek Sacred Squadron special operations in Milos island

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos © Andreas Galanos, exclusively submitted to and used by permission. The Greek Sacred Squadron was a special operations unit, which was formed in September 1942 in the Middle East, by volunteer officers, who had escaped from Axis occupied Greece. Its aim was to fight the Axis troops and contribute to the liberation of Greece. Following the […]