The WW2 sea mine found in Sifnos

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By Pierre Kosmidis


Sifnos island in Greece is a top class destination for tourists coming from all over the world as it offers stunning landscapes, along with beautiful beaches and unique architectural features.



WW2 enthusiasts though are aware that Sifnos island features a unique aircraft wreck in pristine condition, considering it is at a depth of approximately 70 metres for 70+ years, that of a Vickers Wellington bomber which was forced to ditch at sea in 1943

Wellington aircraft

Another WW2 relic, which is now located at the port of Kamares in Sifnos is a WW2 sea mine, which for decades was at a depth of just 3 metres in Yaloudia Bay. The sea mine was neutralised possibly in the 1950s when fishermen removed the explosives.


After a preservation and restoration process, the WW2 sea mine is now… welcoming the tourists who visit Sifnos, located next to the Coast Guard HQ’s in Kamares port.