Battlefront Living History Group Malta: History lessons through reenactment, an insider’s view.

Interviews, Then and Now, WW2

By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos submitted by Battlefront Living History Group Malta and used by permission

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Reenactment of historical periods is a key feature in bringing the past back to life, thus enabling the younger generations and the public to learn more about them.
Battlefront Living History Group Malta is such a group of reenactors, collectors and history enthusiasts, who have been working tirelessly to inform, educate and engage the public in events that unfolded on the island of Malta during WW2, but in other areas too, such as the battle of Crete.
262940438_571820060526832_5491859105314274503_n brings its worldwide audience yet another exclusive feature: Battlefront Living History Group Malta: History lessons through reenactment, an insider’s view.
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Here’s what BLHGM have to say:
1/ When did you start your reenactment projects and what is your goal?
Battlefront Living History Group was founded 14 years ago by a small group of collectors and reenactors. Since then, the group undertook several projects and participated in many initiatives.
Namely, the official George Cross anniversary celebrations in Malta, local and international re-enactment immersion events.
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Currently, the group is busier than ever working on new impressions, films, photo recreations, exhibitions, and much more.

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2/ Who are the members of your reenactment group?

Our members comprise collectors, researchers, reenactors, and history buffs alike.

Every member has his own specific interest and approaches the second world war, in Malta and beyond, through his own unique lens. 


3/ What are the periods/battles/armies you are focusing on?

Our group focuses on the King’s Own Malta Regiment (KOMR), a British regiment raised from the local population.
We portray a standard rifle section, mortar team, and are currently working on other impressions.
The second but equally important focus of the group is German Fallschirmjäger troops who also portray the common squad and mortar team with a variety of weapons and equipment such as a complete radio set, drop canister, and machine-gun section. 
4/ How difficult is it to reenact accurately a specific outfit/period? What is absolutely necessary, in order to achieve the best results?
For both sections, it gets harder every day to source both original and replica equipment.
It is slightly easier to re-enact the British garrison on Malta during WW2 since one can still find plenty of originals to work with and ample defensive positions and historical locations to re-enact in.
Likewise, the Fallschirmjäger can use the local Mediterranean terrain to portray Crete and the planned invasion of Malta (Operation Herkules) with relative ease. 
In order to achieve the best results, one has to have a keen attention to detail.
The group encourages and actively supports its members to acquire accurate kit and the sources necessary to research their impressions.
Quality photos and literature on the uniform, equipment, and event we are portraying are essential.

Battlefront is always on the lookout for primary sources such as official documentation and first-hand accounts to improve our impressions and displays. 

5/ Have you organized and/or participated in any events, to raise public awareness about a specific historic period?

We have participated in and organized many events throughout the years.
Most recently, we have produced a short film on Operation Mercury, the battle for the island of Crete.
We have already published a few trailers and some images from the production which have raised ample awareness about this significant event during the second world war.

We also reproduce historical photos in their original location as well as short informative videos which always raise ample awareness. 


6/ What is the message you wish to deliver?

If there is one message Battlefront would like to deliver is that we are very inspired by other groups in the reenactment community worldwide who do their utmost to extend the memory of the second world war through living history.
We appeal for more co-operation and inter-organizational involvement.
Oftentimes, we all share the same goal and it can be reached much more efficiently and to greater lengths if we work together! 
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