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Battle of Crete: Fallschirmjäger parade in Goslar, July 12, 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis A German propaganda video (Deutsche Wochenschau 568 – 23 Juli 1941) on the fallschirmjäger II./Fallsch.Sturm- regiment parade in the city of Goslar, on July 12, 1941. During the war, Goslar became an important location for airborne troops. They were equipped with DFS 230 gliders. On 16 December 1940, the Second Battalion of the Sturm […]

Creforce: the Anzacs and the Battle of Crete, by Stella Tzobanakis

Creforce: the Anzacs and the Battle of Crete is the dramatic story of the second Anzacs and their role in one of the biggest battles in the military history of Australia, New Zealand and its Allied forces during World War II. The book is written for children 10 and up and explores the real-life `adventures’ and […]

The Battle of Crete in 3D: Realistically recreating the WW2 battlefields

By Pierre Kosmidis Info and 3D renditions by Michael Johnson Mr. Michael Johnson is working on a computer project seeking to accurately reflect the invasion of Crete 1941. He is looking for accurate photos and locations of various buildings at Rethymno and Maleme so he can make them in 3D and place them on the maps […]

Major Alexis Casdagli, the Battle of Crete and the… “F@ck Hitler” message

 By Pierre Kosmidis By Trevor Solley Imprisoned by the old enemy for four years during World War Two, Major Alexis Casdagli never lost his fighting spirit up with his own cheeky form of resistance, adding the secret messages to his needlework which were never spotted by his Nazi captors. Pinching red and blue thread from […]

Historical Re-enactment Society: Reliving the Battle of Crete in New Zealand

By Pierre Kosmidis A group of reenactors from New Zealand, named World War Two Historical Re-enactment Society, are bringing History back to life.  With attention to detail, the re-enactors are reliving important elements of the military traditions of new Zealand during WW2, with a special focus on the Battle in mainland Greece and on the […]

Newspaper frontpages on the Battle of Crete – 75th anniversary, 1941-2016

By Pierre Kosmidis   The Sun News-Pictorial   2 June 1941   British in Crete withdraw   15,000 troops reach Egypt: Big losses reported.   “After 12 days of undoubtedly the fiercest fighting in this war, it has been decided to withdraw our forces from Crete” the War Office announces.   Bestiality knew no bounds […]

DFS-230: The Luftwaffe glider used during Operation Merkur, the Battle of Crete

By Pierre Kosmidis The main transport glider used by the Luftwaffe (German air force) during the invasion of Crete was the DFS-230. It was designed to carry 10 fully equipped soldiers (including the pilot, who was expected to fight as an infantryman after landing) or a freight load of about 1200 kg. Seats were arranged […]