Then and Now: Stuka attack on Greek steamer “Macedonia”, April 22, 1941

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos and Research: George Karelas


George Karelas, a respected researcher and deep scuba diver is credited, along with his associates, with some of the most impressive finds related to World War 2 in Greece, including aircraft wrecks, shipwrecks and even the lost panzer division, a deep sea enigma that lasted for decades. 

 Photo Credit: George Karelas

The moment of the attack, as photographed by the gunner of the “Stuka”. The Greek unarmed steamer is sinking in flames, while other bombs seem to have hit way oof target. Photo Credit: George Karelas

Mr. Karelas has also been involved into solving riddles related to the locations of aerial bombings by the Luftwaffe in 1941, during the chaotic last days of Operation “Marita” the nazi invasion of Greece, which started on April 6, 1941.

The lost panzer division, a deep sea enigma that lasted for decades.

Many black and white photographs, which were either used for propaganda purposes, or shot by the Luftwaffe crews during those attacks keep surfacing even today.

The same area today, via Google Maps
The same area today, via Google Maps

One such photo, which appeared on an auction site has been positively identified by George Karelas, as the Ju87 “Stuka” attack against an unarmed Greek steamer, the “Macedonia” at Spilia Phocidos on April 22, 1941.

“By identifying this and other photo locations, it is then easier for researchers and historians to see into the details of the attacks, evaluate the moral stance of the nazis, the noble Germans – when attacking clearly marked hospital ships or unarmed steamers and above all to understand History as it happened” George Karelas says and adds:

“More similar stories are on the way!”

The back of the propaganda shot, dated 29 April 1941. The actual attack happened one week before, on April 22, 1941. Photo credit: George Karelas

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