RAF pilot Dimosthenis Dimadis: The forgotten story of a Greek pilot


By Pierre Kosmidis

Additional information: Jim Corbett & George Chalkiadopoulos

Thanks to respected researcher and author Jim Corbett, a rather forgotten story has come back to the spotlight: The crash of a Spitfire and death of the Greek RAF pilot Dimosthenis Dimadis, who spun into the ground near Morpeth, UK.

Court of Inquiry conclusions. Submitted by Jim Corbett

According to the official accident report, it is presumed that the unlucky pilot blacked out and lost consciousness and as a result his Spitfire Mk1 crashed, killing Dimadis on impact.

Court of Inquiry witnesses and investigating officer. Submitted by Jim Corbett

Sgt Demosthenes Demades (as his name appears on the official report) was allocated to No.57 Operational Training Unit at Eshott on 24 April (1943) and on 11 October 1943, during a dog-fight practice, he crashed at Eshott Hall, near Morpeth.

Court of Inquiry. Details of the flight. Submitted by Jim Corbett

Sgt Demosthenes Demades from Piraeus was aged 24 when he was killed and was buried in Section 25, Row E, Grave 1, Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking, Surrey, according to information submitted to www.ww2wrecks.com by researcher and respected author George Chalkiadopoulos.

The tombstone of Dimosthenis Dimadis. Submitted by George Chalkiadopoulos


A search on the crash site could be initiated shortly, as Jim Corbett said to www.ww2wrecks.com