Help us identify this Luftwaffe WW2 aircraft part, shot down in April 1941 in Greece

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos submitted by Stavros El


An item from a crashed Luftwaffe aircraft in the area of Metaxas Line, shot down in early April 1941, needs to be identified.

Expert opinion is welcome!

According to respected researcher Joop Hendrix, this part belongs to a Bf109.


Respected aviation researcher Thanos Antonelos provided the following information:


RAF 33 Squadron of the famous Pat Pattle claimed 5 Bf109s shot down over the area on April 7, 1941.

According to Luftwaffe records, 4 Bf109 of 8./JG27 were lost due to enemy action on April 6, 1941:

WNr.5376 (Ofw. Faltings – SAFE),

WNr.5072 (Ofw. Frömming – WIA),

WNr.5345 (Ltn Faber – SAFE),

WNr.4185 (Oblt. Becker – KIA).

It is normal for this minor discrepancy, 6 or 7 April to occur, as the chaotic days that ensued the German invasion of Greece, meant that many of the claims were added at a later stage.


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