Dick Demetriadi – A RAF pilot died on this day, 11 August 1940, aged 21

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Information and photos retrieved at https://www.geni.com/

Richard “Dick” Demetriadi, the son of Stephen Constantine Demetriadi and Gulielma Norah Mabel Demetriadi was sadly lost, with his remains buried in Cayeux-sur-Mer in France.
Dick was a RAF pilot flying a Hurricane of 601 Sqn RAF and was killed on this day, 11 August 1940.


F/O Richard S “Dick” Demetriadi of No 601 Squadron RAF was killed during combat off Portland on 11 August 1940, aged 21.

The son of Greek banker and civil servant Sir Stephen Demetriadi was last seen pursuing an enemy aircraft over the Channel, with fuel leaking from his Hurricane Mk I.

His body was washed ashore in France and recovered by German troops.

His best friend and brother-in-law F/O William H “Willie” Rhodes-Moorhouse had to break the news to Demetriadi’s sister Amalia.

Richard “Dick” Demetriadi was just 21 years old.

Lest we forget.