Beaufighter Mk.X LZ397 304FTU, 16SAAF, shot down on 17/06/44, close to Monemvasia, Greece

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos and information submitted by Ioannis Chronakis, Darren Prior and Ioannis Mylonas and used by permission

Monemvasia, meaning “single entry”, is a medieval Byzantine city, built on a peninsula in the Peloponnese, Greece.

download (2)Mr. Ioannis Chronakis, contacted with a series of photos of a WW2 aircraft wreck part, along with some numbers that can be visible on this part.

Any assistance in identifying this part and consecutively the aircraft it belonged, will be highly appreciated. According to Mr. Ioannis Mylonas: Beaufighter Mk.X LZ397 304FTU, 16SAAF. Shot down by ship’s flak off Cape Kromedion, 17/06/44


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According to Mr. Darren Prior, it is a Hamilton Standard propeller barrel, if Bristol engine it will be DH license. Beaufighter/Beaufort perhaps.





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