Battlefield Archaeology: A bird’s eye view of the WW2 bunkers, gun emplacements and other structures

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Videos and photos submitted by John Haanity and used by permission

Greece has been the theater of fierce fighting during World War 2 and many bunkers, gun emplacements and other concrete structures remain to this day, reminding us the events that have happened over seven decades ago.

Drone pilot Mr. John Haanity from Greece has documented several of those WW2 structures, as seen from above and offers us a unique view of the past.

Drone pilot Mr. John Haanity
Drone pilot Mr. John Haanity

“I wanted to capture History with the assistance of technology, therefore giving another point of view to the researchers and the general public”.


“My Youtube Channel has well over 7 million views to date and I am always open to capturing new spots, which will offer a new fascinating bird’s eye view to the past”