An insider’s look at the C-47 “Dakota” SX-ECF of the Civil Aviation Authority at the Hellenic Air Force Museum

WW2, WW2 in Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos by Giannis Liardakis, used by permission

See more photos at the following link: The C-47 “Dakota” SX-ECF of the Civil Aviation Authority at the Hellenic Air Force Museum


An aircraft built before WW2, which served for four decades is now resting on the tarmac of the Hellenic Air Force Museum.

This specific C-47, SX-ECF was used by the Civil Aviation Authority, after fulfilling its military service and has a rich history.

It was kept for almost 30 years at the Civil Aviation Authority headquarters, after its last flight in 1978 and then moved to the HAF Museum.

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