Found! An intact Ju 52 (Werk #6590) ditched in 1943 in the Aegean Sea, Greece

Interviews, WW2 in Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis

According to the Ju-52 located close to Kea island, Greece, is among the most well-preserved WW2 aircraft that have ever been found in the Greek seas.
The Ju-52, with construction number Werk # 6590, was lost in 1943 after ditching northwest of Kea. The wreck of the aircraft is located at the depth of 65 meters.
Extract from site S/S Burdigala Project
This specific “Tante Ju” (the name comes from the German nickname for the Junkers 52) was discovered through a routine report of a Dornier 24 (Werknummer 3214), which from August 13, 1943 belonged to the German Maritime Rescue Squadron 7 (Seenotstaffel 7), based in Faliro, Athens, Greece.
According to this entry, the Dornier 24 on September 6, 1943, took part in the search and rescue of a Junkers 52, with serial number (Werknummer) 6590, the I/TG 4, i.e. the First Group (I=Erste Gruppe) of Transport Wing 4 (TG 4 = Transportgeschwader 4).
The aircraft was lost after ditching in the northwest of Kea, because of engine fuel problems. The crew and passengers were transferred to Athens, with the loss of one person and two injured.
“The aircraft, whose axis is pointing south and its deepest point is at about 68 meters, is intact. There is no break, no parts missing. The aircraft was carrying weapons, we spotted a machine gun, and at the upper part of the fuselage the lid is open. Probably, the the passengers exited through this hatch, after the Ju52 ditched at sea.”
Aircraft Features
Wingspan: 29.49 meters
Wing area: 110.5 sq / m
Length: 18.9 meters
Height: 5.54 meters
Armament: 2 x MG 7,9 millimeters
Bombs: 500 kg
Speed (See Level): 270 – 295 kph
Travel speed: 209 kph
Crew: 2-4
Number of passengers 18 or 12 stretchers