A Ju87 Stuka S7+MN crash landed in Eleusis, Greece on June 10, 1942. Further info needed!

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos and info submitted by Cynrik De Decker, used by permission


Aviation enthusiast and researcher Cynrik De Decker from Belgium has the Flugbuch (flight log book) from a Stuka gunner of StG 3.

The logbook ends with a crash landing on June 10, 1942 with Ju 87 S7+MN at Athens Eleusis.

It appears that the gunner, named Hans Kaman, and his pilot, Küppers survived, possibly wounded.

We are looking for additional information on this crash, so any input is welcome!

According to respected researcher Thanos Antonelos from Greece, “on the 14th of June, 1942, a Ju-87 D1/Trop (Wnr.2463/S7+RC) operated by Sturzkampfgeschwader 3, was written off because of the total loss. It took off from Libya (Derna airfield) and hit by flak, during the attack on a convoy in the Mediterranean.

It was captained by Uffz. Küppers Julius and crewed by Uffz. Kamann Johannes.

Both were initially listed as MIA, but they finally made it back and reported safe to their Unit, as we can see at the flugbuch.”