4 July 1944: The flaming end of a Ju52 off Syros island in the Aegean Sea, Greece

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Research by Georgios Bouras

Photos from  WW2 SAAF Colourised Photographs 

Greek researcher Mr. Georgios Bouras identified the probable point of the destruction of a Ju52 floatplane, based on visual identification of the shoreline.


The aircraft wreck, if indeed anything remains of it, lies at a depth of approximately 20 metres.

4 Ιουλίου 1944 Ιούλιος 1944 υδροπλάνο καταρρίπτεται από συμμαχικό στη θαλάσσια περιοχή μεταξύ Κόμητο-Αγκαθωπες

Nose camera photographs from the collection of SAAF 16 squadron Beaufighter pilot Lt. Hubbart showing an attack on a Ju-52 Float Plane 4 July 1944.

The location is close to Posidonia beach in Syros island, Aegean Sea, Greece.