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Reliving the past: Operation Marita and the German invasion of Greece in April 1941, through the eyes or reenactors

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Kampfgruppe “Süden” Hellenic Reenactment Group, Kampfgruppe ”Bulgarien”, Asociaţia Deutsches Freikorps and used by permission The German invasion of Greece, codenamed “Operation Marita”, was initiated in the early hours of Sunday, April 6, 1941. The German forces attacked “Metaxas Line”, a series of concrete fortifications, located mainly along the border with […]

Z Special Unit: The top secret Australian Special Forces “Zed” during World War 2

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and video submitted by Lionel Aitken and used by permission   A 13-part documentary series, focusing on Z Special Unit, a largely unknown Australian Special Operations element, is in the making and has reached out to Mr. Lionel Aitken, the driving force behind capturing and producing all the interviews with surviving members […]

Battlefield Archaeology: One of the last battles of WW2 in May 1945

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Panagiotis Brokos The war in Europe was almost over in Europe in late April, early May 1945. The Russians had conquered Berlin, the nazi leader Hitler had committed suicide and the western Allies were moving swiftly in the heartland of the 3rd Reich. It was just a matter of days, before […]