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Book presentation: Le Navi Ospedale Italiane Dopo l’Armistizio (The Italian Hospital Ships After the Armistice), by Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi

From the presentation of the book by Amm Isp. Capo (c.a.) Vincenzo Martines Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi  has already explored the world of Italian hospital ships with the recent valuable publication of the “Story of a white ship: Wandilla-Fort St.George- Cesarea- Arno 1912-1942” which ended with the sinking of the latter by of a British torpedo […]

Lazarettschiff Brigitte and Torpedo Boat Lira in Thessaloniki, by Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi

By Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi I recently found on a well-known online auction website a very interesting image of the port of Thessaloniki 1. It shows the French ocean liner Theophile Gautier in the background, and two units that were directly involved in Operation Merkur: The small hospital ship Brigitte and the Regia Marina Torpedo Boat Lira. Photos of Brigitte are quite rare […]

The Italian hospital ships in the Aegean Sea, by Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi

By Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi, author of the book “Storia di una Nave Bianca” (“Story of a White Ship”). All photos are owned by their respective owners, as credited and were kindly submitted by Mr. Toccafondi to for publication in this feature article.  A relatively unknown chapter of WW2 is unveiled, thanks to respected researcher […]