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Spitfire LF Mk IXc MJ755: A flying legend over the skies of Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos © Leonidas Sboukis, submitted exclusively to and used by permission   Spitfire LF Mk IXc MJ755 was built at the Castle Bromwich factory and delivered to No. 43 Squadron RAF in August 1944, which was operating over Southern France. In 1947 MJ755 was transferred to the Royal Hellenic Air Force, along with 120 other Spitfires and used by the RHAF […]

Aviation Art: The “Greek” Spitfire MJ755, by George Laitmer

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by George Laitmer George Laitmer, a talented artist from Greece, recently finished a wall painting of the “Greek” Spitfire MJ755. Here is a step-by-step guide to the artwork: George Laitmer has completed some really impressive artwork all across Europe.  

Photo gallery: The Greek War of Independence parade, 2022

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by Leonidas Sboukis, used by permission Acclaimed photographer Leonidas Sboukis shared with his photos of the Greek War of Independence parade, held in Athens on 25 March 2022. See other photos from Leonidas Sboukis: The Greek Independence Day – The flying machines over the Acropolis Greece celebrated 201 years since the start of its struggle for […]

The rare warbirds of the Hellenic Air Force Museum

By Pierre Kosmidis   The Hellenic Air Force Museum, located at Dekelia Air Base (ICAO: LGTT), at the north of Athens, features some unique aircraft, ranging from WW2 to today. The Air Base started operating in 1918 and features a single runway with a length of 1764 metres. The airport is currently used by the […]

The amazing wrecks of Truk Lagoon, by Aleksei Kondratuk

By Pierre Kosmidis Light Japanese tank Ha-Go Truk Lagoon is considered as the “Holy Grail” of wreck diving worldwide, due to the wide variety of wrecks, many of them in nearly intact condition. PHOTO CREDITS: ALEKSEI KONDRATUK Aleksei Kondratuk in Chuuk (formerly known as Truk) Aleksei Kondratuk, a scuba diver and underwater photographer from Vladivostok, Russia, […]

Battlefield Archaeology: Inside the “forgotten bunkers” of Usita fortress in Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis   Text and photos: Lt. Colonel (ret.) Ilias Kotridis Fortress “Usita” is located on the west side of Rupel Bunkers Complex, near the Strymonas (Struma) River and is one of its six defensive positions. Usita consisted of eleven machine gun emplacements, two searchlight positions, a mortar emplacement, two observatories, an optical wireless […]