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The attack of the Royal Marines against the German radar in Topakas, Milos island, on November 13th, 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos © Andreas Galanos, exclusively submitted to and used by permission. Milos island in the Aegean Sea, Greece was an important German base during WW2. Heavily fortified, Milos island served as a naval hub, with an airfield, radar facilities, bunker complexes and other military installations. The World War 2 “FuMG 65 Würzburg-Riese” German radar […]

The 155mm naval gun battery of Trahilas and the Greek Sacred Squadron special operations in Milos island

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos © Andreas Galanos, exclusively submitted to and used by permission. The Greek Sacred Squadron was a special operations unit, which was formed in September 1942 in the Middle East, by volunteer officers, who had escaped from Axis occupied Greece. Its aim was to fight the Axis troops and contribute to the liberation of Greece. Following the […]

The World War 2 “FuMG 65 Würzburg-Riese” German radar of Milos, Greece: Questions about its uncertain future

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos © Andreas Galanos, exclusively submitted to and used by permission. Strategically located on the southern side of Milos island in the Cyclades, Greece, overlooking the sea towards Crete, a gigantic FuMG 65 Würzburg-Riese radar installation was constructed by the German occupation forces in 1942. The beautiful island, known as “Festung Milos” […]

Lazarettschiff Brigitte and Torpedo Boat Lira in Thessaloniki, by Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi

By Vincenzo Giacomo Toccafondi I recently found on a well-known online auction website a very interesting image of the port of Thessaloniki 1. It shows the French ocean liner Theophile Gautier in the background, and two units that were directly involved in Operation Merkur: The small hospital ship Brigitte and the Regia Marina Torpedo Boat Lira. Photos of Brigitte are quite rare […]

Bunker Archaeology: The German WW2 “Hohlgangsanlage” bunkers of Aegina island, Greece, by Konstantinos Kirimis

By Pierre Kosmidis Research and photos by Konstantinos Kirimis, submitted to and used by permission Among the various bunkers and fortifications built by the German occupation forces all over Greece during World War 2, this specific “cave-shelter” (Hohlgangsanlage, according to the German technical terminology of the time) is located in the Northern Fortress of Aegina (see Note 1, […]

Sifnos island: The Hellenic Navy WW2 observation post

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by George Dokopoulos, used by permission Dating back to the 1930s, a Hellenic Navy observation post in a secluded bay of Sifnos island, one of the most beautiful Aegean islands of Greece is being revealed, thanks to the photo documentation of Mr. George Dokopoulos. According to locals, who are now in […]

Wartime graffiti: Soldier artists turn their barracks into an art gallery

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Markos Spanos Leros Island in the Dodecanese, Greece,  was a theatre of fierce fighting in 1943, marking the last German victory of strategic importance in the Aegean, with the Operation code named “Taifun”. READ MORE: Battlefield Archaeology: The rare relics of Leros, 1943   The Battles for Kos and Leros, 1943 – […]