Aviation Art: The Artwork of David J. Gray – WW2 Aircraft and more

By Pierre Kosmidis Aviation Art by David J. Gray David J Gray is not only an accomplished professional pilot and the mastermind of Freeman Field Recovery Team,  a project which led to the Unearthing  of rare WW2 treasures of “Project Lusty” but also a noted Aviation Artist who brings back to life historic aircraft with his drawings.   Born and raised in southern […]

The Japanese WW2 aircraft wrecks of Kwajalein Lagoon by Dan Farnham PART 8

By Pierre Kosmidis Dan Farnham has been living on Kwajalein, working as a civilian contractor for the US Army, since December 2005. Dan has completed Parts 1 to 7, regarding WW2 Japanese aircraft wrecks in the lagoon and this is a wrap-up of all the stories and photos. All the links are below in RED and by clicking them […]