Z Special Unit: The top secret Australian Special Forces “Zed” during World War 2

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and video submitted by Lionel Aitken and used by permission   A 13-part documentary series, focusing on Z Special Unit, a largely unknown Australian Special Operations element, is in the making and www.ww2wrecks.com has reached out to Mr. Lionel Aitken, the driving force behind capturing and producing all the interviews with surviving members […]

The WW2 “flying coffin” that never returned: The search for the lost Beaufort

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and info by Pamela Harrison In a solemn ceremony, the relatives of  Flying Officer Arthur Aitken and Flight Sergeant Peter Hastie threw flowers on to the ocean gently lapping the shore. It was on the 72nd anniversary since the ill-fated RAAF Beaufort A9-317 took off from RAAF Busselton Air Base on September 9, 1943, never to be […]

The WW2 Pacific Treasures of Kwajalein Lagoon by Dan Farnham Part 14: Exploring the graveyard of the 11 PBJ-1H Mitchell aircraft wrecks of US Marine Bombing Squadron 613 (VMB-613)

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos, text and research submitted by Dan Farnham, used by permission Designed in 1938, the B-25 ‘Mitchell’ started out as a private, in-house design by the North American Aviation company, and was designated the NA-40B, for North American Model 40B. The NA-40B was originally intended to be an attack bomber for export to […]

Aviation Art: The Artwork of David J. Gray – WW2 Aircraft and more

By Pierre Kosmidis Aviation Art by David J. Gray David J Gray is not only an accomplished professional pilot and the mastermind of Freeman Field Recovery Team,  a project which led to the Unearthing  of rare WW2 treasures of “Project Lusty” but also a noted Aviation Artist who brings back to life historic aircraft with his drawings.   Born and raised in southern […]

The Japanese WW2 aircraft wrecks of Kwajalein Lagoon by Dan Farnham PART 8

By Pierre Kosmidis Dan Farnham has been living on Kwajalein, working as a civilian contractor for the US Army, since December 2005. Dan has completed Parts 1 to 7, regarding WW2 Japanese aircraft wrecks in the lagoon and this is a wrap-up of all the stories and photos. All the links are below in RED and by clicking them […]