August 8, 1942: Japanese aerial assault on the U.S. fleet at Guadalcanal and Tulagi

By Pierre Kosmidis On the 7th August 1942, just eight months since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the United States started its island campaign in the Pacific – the U.S marines landed on the South Solomon islands of Guadalcanal, Tulagi and Florida. The landings themselves were unopposed and the Japanese who had been holding […]

Found and fully restored! The A6M5 Zero 43-188 shot down on June 19, 1944 浜松基地

By Pierre Kosmidis A Mitsubishi A6M5a Zeke Model 52ko Serial Number 4685 Tail Number 43-188 is currently exhibited at Hamamatsu Air Base 浜松基地 in Japan, after being fully restored.  According to research conducted by Pacific Wrecks, this aircraft flew its last mission on June 19, 1944, the first day of the Battle of the Philippine Sea […]

Aviation Art: The Artwork of David J. Gray – WW2 Aircraft and more

By Pierre Kosmidis Aviation Art by David J. Gray David J Gray is not only an accomplished professional pilot and the mastermind of Freeman Field Recovery Team,  a project which led to the Unearthing  of rare WW2 treasures of “Project Lusty” but also a noted Aviation Artist who brings back to life historic aircraft with his drawings.   Born and raised in southern […]

Rod Pearce and his Odyssey in Papua New Guinea for WW2 Wrecks

By Pierre Kosmidis Rod Pearce has dedicated his time and efforts finding underwater aircraft wrecks and seeking closure to the families of hundreds -if not thousands- of Missing in Action (MIA) airmen from all nations that fought during World War Two. READ THE FIRST PART HERE Here is the second part of his very interesting […]

Aviation Archaeology: Unearthing the WW2 treasures of “Project Lusty”

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: David J. Gray/Freeman Field Recovery Team Additional reading: Planehunters: Finding WW2 crashed aircraft and keeping the memories alive Shot down but not forgotten: The search for lost WW2 airmen and their crashed aircraft (PHOTOS and VIDEO)  Aviation enthusiasts and archaeologists unearthed possibly the largest “treasure trove” of WW2 aircraft parts and […]

The amazing wrecks of Truk Lagoon, by Aleksei Kondratuk

By Pierre Kosmidis Light Japanese tank Ha-Go Truk Lagoon is considered as the “Holy Grail” of wreck diving worldwide, due to the wide variety of wrecks, many of them in nearly intact condition. PHOTO CREDITS: ALEKSEI KONDRATUK Aleksei Kondratuk in Chuuk (formerly known as Truk) Aleksei Kondratuk, a scuba diver and underwater photographer from Vladivostok, Russia, […]

“Pete” the Japanese nearly intact reconnaissance floatplane of Rabaul

By Pierre Kosmidis The Mitsubishi F1M (Allied reporting name “Pete”) was a Japanese reconnaissance floatplane of World War II. It was the last biplane type of the Imperial Japanese Navy, with 1,118 built between 1936 and 1944. The Navy designation was “Type Zero Observation Seaplane” (零式水上観測機), not to be confused with the Type Zero Carrier […]

Yosegaki Hinomaru 日の丸寄せ書き: Returning the flags of their fathers

By Pierre Kosmidis The nation of Japan experienced nearly 2,000,000 lost soldiers during the war for the Pacific. Of these, approximately 1,140,000 are still Missing In Action. That is, they were killed but no trace of their bodies was ever recovered. The Good Luck Flag, known as hinomaru yosegaki (日の丸寄せ書き) in the Japanese language, was […]

Then and Now: The Japanese coastal battery and USS Colorado 小川砲台

By Pierre Kosmidis The USS Colorado and the destroyer Norman Scott became preferred targets of a battery of three 6-inch guns emplaced in caves behind Tinian Town. These enemy weapons had remained silent in their well-camouflaged positions waiting for just such an opportunity as presented itself on 24 July. Only 3,200 yards off shore lay […]