Then and Now: Traces of war in Berlin, 1945-2018, interview with Peter Graham

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Peter Graham @Berlin Battle Damage and used by permission Berlin is nowadays a vibrant and colourful city, following its unification after the fall of the iron curtain. Today, people from different nationalities walk on the very same streets that over 70 years ago were the stage of the final battles […]

Bunker Archaeology: The German WW2 fortifications of Agii Apostoli in Crete

By Pierre Kosmidis Info and photos submitted by Emmanouil Tzilivakis, used by permission Nowadays, tourists and locals alike are flooding the wonderful beaches of Agii Apostoli, located within walking distance from Chania, most of them unaware of the fact that the area was heavily fortified by the Germans during WW2. The same area was used as […]

Όταν η Ιστορία ζωντανεύει: Αναβιωτές στο Πολεμικό Μουσείο Αθηνών θυμίζουν το παρελθόν

By Pierre Kosmidis Φωτογραφίες και πληροφορίες από τον κ. Στέφανο Σκαρμίντζο, δημοσιεύονται κατόπιν αδείας Μια ενδιαφέρουσα πρωτοβουλία, η οποία έδωσε τη δυνατότητα στους επισκέπτες του Πολεμικού Μουσείου Αθηνών και κυρίως τα παιδιά να έρθουν σε επαφή με το παρελθόν, έλαβαν οι ομάδες αναβιωτών “Kampfgruppe ‘Süden” και “Ιερός Λόχος ’42-’45, ομάδα Ιστορικής αναπαράστασης”.  Στους χώρους του Μουσείου, με αφορμή την επέτειο […]

Then and Now: The bombing of a Greek airfield, 1944-2016

By Pierre Kosmidis THEN AND NOW: Bombing of Kalamaki Airfield (also known as Hassani or Ellinikon), Athens, Greece, seen from the bomb bay of a US B-17 bomber, 15 Sep 1944 and a current image via google maps (source of photos: ww2db/google) The airport was built in 1938, and after the German invasion of Greece in […]

Reliving the past: Operation Marita and the German invasion of Greece in April 1941, through the eyes or reenactors

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Kampfgruppe “Süden” Hellenic Reenactment Group, Kampfgruppe ”Bulgarien”, Asociaţia Deutsches Freikorps and used by permission The German invasion of Greece, codenamed “Operation Marita”, was initiated in the early hours of Sunday, April 6, 1941. The German forces attacked “Metaxas Line”, a series of concrete fortifications, located mainly along the border with […]

Then and Now: 1941-2018 in Crete, by researcher Andreas Sfakianakis

By Pierre Kosmidis Research and photos: Andreas Sfakianakis Mr. Andreas Sfakianakis, a researcher from Crete, has identified the exact locations of photos shot in 1941, which are the property of the Australian War Memorial. In these photos, which date back to April 1941, the Allied Forces are expecting the German onslaught, which took place roughly a […]

Then and Now: 1941-2018, the Germans in front of the Greek Parliament

By Pierre Kosmidis With the conclusion of Operation Marita, the conquest of mainland Greece and a couple of weeks before Operation Merkur, the airborne invasion of the island of Crete, the Germans held a victory parade in Athens, on May 5, 1941. The Royal Palace in 1941, which is the Greek Parliament today, was a […]