Takis Lazaridis, the man who escaped the execution by firing squad

By Pierre Kosmidis «Περίλυπος σέρνω αυτές τις γραμμές», γράφει ο Τάκης Λαζαρίδης στο βιβλίο του «Ευτυχώς ηττηθήκαμε σύντροφοι…» που πρωτοκυκλοφόρησε το 1988, προκαλώντας την οργή των πρώην συντρόφων του και έκτοτε έχει επανεκδοθεί 7 φορές: «Διπλά καλότυχοι όσοι, σαν τον πατέρα μου, δεν πήγαν από αδελφικό, αλλά από γερμανικό βόλι. Και για τους ζωντανούς, πώς […]

Markos Danezis: The “magician” who transforms faded memories into vivid images

By Pierre Kosmidis Markos Danezis, from Athens, Greece, has a special talent:  He  transforms old faded photos in realistic pictures, as if they were shot minutes ago, with the latest technology camera. Markos is dedicated to absolute historical accuracy and thoroughly researches all background of the photos he works on, in order to achieve the optimal […]

Locating and identifying WW2 aircraft wrecks: The Kwajalein Missing in Action (MIA) Project

By Pierre Kosmidis   Flight deck of the PBM-3D which crashed at Kwajalein on February 16, 1944 Kwajalein Atoll is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The southernmost and largest island in the atoll is named Kwajalein Island. Dan Farnham speaks to WW2 Wrecks andpierekosmidis.blogspot.com about the Kwajalein Missing in Action (MIA) Project:  “The […]

May 1941: Operation “Merkur”, the destruction of the nazi fallschirmjäger in Crete

By Pierre Kosmidis May 1941: Operation “Merkur”, the destruction of the nazi fallschirmjäger in Crete   A stunned General: Student looks shocked as he speaks to the nazi parachutists who survived the invasion of Crete. Note their facial expressions, a Pyrrhic victory for Hitler’s chosen ones. (postcard issued with the nazi propaganda magazine Der Adler) […]

Crete, 1941: “A good nazi is a dead nazi”

By Pierre Kosmidis It goes without saying that “a good nazi is a dead nazi”  and Crete, the place of fierce fighting between the Allies and the Germans in May 1941, clearly shocked the nazis, as far as the result of their Pyrrhic victory is concerned. Scores of dead Germans littered the island for days […]

American mutilation of Japanese war dead

By Pierre Kosmidis SOURCE During World War II, some members of the United States military mutilated dead Japanese service personnel in the Pacific theater of operations. The mutilation of Japanese service personnel included the taking of body parts as “war souvenirs” and “war trophies”. Teeth and skulls were the most commonly taken “trophies”, although other […]