Aviation Archaeology: Solving the mystery of the Lancaster NN775

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and Research: Cynrik De Decker, Frédéric Pauwels/Collectif Huma, Planehunters and BAHAAT (click links in RED for further reading). It is thanks to the efforts of Aviation enthusiasts that the world finally found out about the sad fate of 7 airmen killed in action in the last days of World War Two. Buried deep in Belgian […]

Battlefield Archaeology: An insider’s view on WW2 battle relics excavation

By Pierre Kosmidis Military archaeology, the research for battlefield relics dating to World War 1 and World War 2 is a widespread practice in many areas across the world. In Europe, the fierce battles fought on the Eastern Front during WW2, produced millions of dead soldiers, many of whom lay where they fell. Groups of […]

Vickers Wellington: A rare WW2 treasure at the seabed of the Aegean Sea

By Pierre Kosmidis PHOTOS: LENA TSOPOUROPOULOU  www.wreckdiving.gr   The Vickers Wellington bomber found in Sifnos Island at the Cyclades, Greece, is one of the few wrecks of its type -if not the only one- that is preserved in such an excellent condition. Another forgotten page from the years of World War II was discovered thanks […]

“Oria” shipwreck, the watery grave of 4,000 POWs in 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis The sinking of the steamship “Oria” in Gaidouronisi, a tragedy in the dark years of the nazi occupation of Greece in February 1944, which  resulted in 4,115 drowned Italian POWs, almost three times as many victims as the Titanic, is largely forgotten and kept in the dark drawers of history. Few people […]

Planehunters: Finding WW2 crashed aircraft and keeping the memories alive

By Pierre Kosmidis They may have been killed over 7 decades ago, but their memory is still alive, thanks to the efforts of Planehunters, a group which has dedicated time and resources locating, unearthing and finding the human stories behind crashed WW2 aircraft in the area of Belgium. Benny Ceulaers, Chairman of Planehunters Recovery Team, […]

Aviation Art: The Artwork of David J. Gray – WW2 Aircraft and more

By Pierre Kosmidis Aviation Art by David J. Gray David J Gray is not only an accomplished professional pilot and the mastermind of Freeman Field Recovery Team,  a project which led to the Unearthing  of rare WW2 treasures of “Project Lusty” but also a noted Aviation Artist who brings back to life historic aircraft with his drawings.   Born and raised in southern […]

Rod Pearce and his Odyssey in Papua New Guinea for WW2 Wrecks

By Pierre Kosmidis Rod Pearce has dedicated his time and efforts finding underwater aircraft wrecks and seeking closure to the families of hundreds -if not thousands- of Missing in Action (MIA) airmen from all nations that fought during World War Two. READ THE FIRST PART HERE Here is the second part of his very interesting […]