Bunker Archaeology: The 305 mm naval guns WW2 emplacements, by Konstantinos Kirimis

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and information submitted by researcher and author Konstantinos Kirimis, used by permission Check the links below IN RED for more stories by Konstantinos Kirimis: Bunker Archaeology: Exploring the 150 mm artillery positions in Aegina   WW2 Bunker Archaeology: The 102 mm gun emplacements of Aegina   The Greek Navy constructed a series […]

Then and Now: Traces of war in Berlin, 1945-2018, interview with Peter Graham

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Peter Graham @Berlin Battle Damage and used by permission Berlin is nowadays a vibrant and colourful city, following its unification after the fall of the iron curtain. Today, people from different nationalities walk on the very same streets that over 70 years ago were the stage of the final battles […]