WW2 Bunker Archaeology: The 102 mm gun emplacements of Aegina

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and additional information by Konstantinos Kyrimis used by permission Author and researcher Mr. Konstantinos Kyrimis, from Greece has visited and documented the Northern Aegina Fortress, a complex of bunkers which were built between 1936 and 1940 by the Greeks, in view of the oncoming World War. “The Northern Aegina Fortress or BOA, […]

The Site: Director Tim Hull talks about his WW2 movie

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Tim Hull and used by permission “The Site” on facebook  “The Site” on Instagram  Support “The Site” on indiegogo  Check the World War II Film Festival “The Site” a WW2 themed movie, is currently in the works and www.ww2wrecks.com has reached director Tim Hull to learn more about this interesting project. Tell […]

The WW2 Japanese destroyer Hibiki Shipwreck off Karamzin island in Vladivostok, by underwater photographer Aleksei Kondratuk 響

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by Aleksei Kondratuk www.uwvision.com used by permission Karamzin Island is a military area for target practice and home to some splendid shipwrecks. Russian underwater photographer Aleksei Kondratuk recently visited one of the most important WW2 shipwrecks in the area of Vladivostok, the naval base of the Russian Pacific Fleet.   At a depth […]

Able Seaman William Patrick Young: The War never ended inside his soul

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Bob Young Able Seaman William Patrick Young fought during WW2 and survived a series of shipwrecks, dangerous missions under the nose of Italian artillery in North Africa and carried inside him the scars of war for decades, until his death at the age of 64. This is the tormented life […]

A Bf109 aircraft wreck shot down in 1944! Help us identify it!

By Pierre Kosmidis Not far from the northern coast of Crete, close to Anissaras, at approximately 800 metres from the beach, in a sandy seafloor, 27 metres under the surface, a German Messerschmitt Bf109 fighter aircraft is lying upside down, frozen in time. Underwater photographer Philippos Marakis, born in 1982 in Crete, captured unique photos […]

Relics from the forgotten war: Researcher Yannis Karageorgiou explores a WW1 battlefield in northern Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos by Yannis Karageorgiou, used by permission Battlefield Archaeology: The forgotten WW1 struggle at Ravine, May 1, 1917 Battlefield Archaeology: The forgotten Battle of Skra di Legen, May 29–30, 1918 Researcher Yannis Karageorgiou from Greece, visited a largely forgotten WW1 battlefield, where the British, the French and the Greeks fought against Bulgarians and […]

Aviation Archaeology: Solving the mystery of the RAF Halifax bomber, EB140 624 squadron, crashed on Wednesday, December 1st, 1943

By Pierre Kosmidis Christos Tsiolas and Yiannis Yiannoulas: Crash site and recovered Halifax parts photos Karl Kjarsgaard, Director at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada: Documentation and period photos Chris Stone: RAF 624 Squadron photo Additional information on Operation Swifter by Manolis Bardanis   UPDATE: According to respected researcher Mr. Manolis Bardanis, the Halifax was on its way to […]

“Oria” shipwreck, the watery grave of 4,000 POWs in 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis The sinking of the steamship “Oria” in Gaidouronisi, a tragedy in the dark years of the nazi occupation of Greece in February 1944, which  resulted in 4,115 drowned Italian POWs, almost three times as many victims as the Titanic, is largely forgotten and kept in the dark drawers of history. Few people […]

Lost in Time: A Ju52 WW2 aircraft wreck by Marco Bartolomucci

By Pierre Kosmidis All photos © by Marco Bartolomucci, used by permission Video © by Davide De Benedictis At a depth of 72 metres below the surface of the sea, another WW2 Wreck is unveiled, a Luftwaffe Ju52 transport aircraft, thanks to the wonderful photos and video by Italian scuba divers Mr. Marco Bartolomucci and Mr. Davide […]

The WW2 shipwrecks that disappeared: Underwater explorer Kevin Denlay’s interview on the lost fleet of the Pacific – PART 2

By Pierre Kosmidis – August 2017 Photos by Kevin Denlay (unless otherwise noted) Historical Photos: Kevin Denlay Collection READ PART ONE OF KEVIN DENLAY’S UNDERWATER EXPLORATIONS: WW2 Shipwreck exploration by Kevin Denlay: “Going back in time and bringing the ships back to life” – PART 1 Kevin Denlay is a pioneer in underwater exploration and has witnessed […]