Photogrammetry: Documenting WW2 Wrecks in 3D

By Pierre Kosmidis Images: NOAA Bert Ho from the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center explains a new approach to documenting WW2 Wrecks: “Photogrammetry is a method of taking measurements or distances between objects from photographs. Usually, these measurements and distances can produce underwater 3D models of WW2 aircraft wrecks. Photogrammetry is visually a great […]

The Battle of the Coral Sea “stray” Zero

By Pierre Kosmidis A Japanese Zero fighter is resting in the shallow waters of Deboyne Lagoon, since 1942. This aircraft was ditched by her pilot, when the Zero ran out of fuel, because the carrier out of which it started her mission was sunk by US forces, during the Battle of the Coral Sea.   […]

FOUND! A downed WW2 German Bf109 fighter aircraft frozen in time!

By Pierre Kosmidis The island of Crete, the “graveyard of the nazi fallschirmjagers”, a title earned because of the horrific casualties the German elite paratroopers suffered during the invasion of the island in May 1941, is a battlefield that still yields relics related to the fierce battles fought on the ground, as well as at […]

FOUND! A Beaufighter shot down in 1943 near Naxos, Greece

BY PIERRE KOSMIDIS PHOTOS & TEXT: GEORGE RIGOUTSOS  At a depth of 34 meters off the coast of Naxos, approximately half a nautical mile from the coast, divers found a RAF Bristol Beaufighter in 2007. Based on testimonies of fishermen, but also the inhabitants who had seen the events, this specific Beaufighter was shot […]

Found! An intact Ju 52 (Werk #6590) ditched in 1943 in the Aegean Sea, Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis According to the Ju-52 located close to Kea island, Greece, is among the most well-preserved WW2 aircraft that have ever been found in the Greek seas. The Ju-52, with construction number Werk # 6590, was lost in 1943 after ditching northwest of Kea. The wreck of the aircraft is located at […]

Vickers Wellington: A rare WW2 treasure at the seabed of the Aegean Sea

By Pierre Kosmidis PHOTOS: LENA TSOPOUROPOULOU   The Vickers Wellington bomber found in Sifnos Island at the Cyclades, Greece, is one of the few wrecks of its type -if not the only one- that is preserved in such an excellent condition. Another forgotten page from the years of World War II was discovered thanks […]

An Arado Ar196 in Herakleia Island, Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis Lying at a depth of just 11 metres, this Arado wreck is an ideal snorkeling destination (Photo: Costis Mantzoris) On September 17, 1943 this specific Arado 196 went on a mission to protect a convoy consisting of three ships (UJ 2104, Paula and Pluto) on their way from Piraeus to Rodos. Photo […]

FOUND! An intact A-20 “Havoc” WW2 light bomber

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and Source  An intact A-20 “Havoc” light bomber, used by the Soviets, under the “lend-lease” programme during WW2 was found at a depth of about one hundred meters in the western Gulf of Finland. The aircraft lies intact on the seabed and is 11 meters long with a wingspan of 18 meters, […]

The intact Nakajima B5N “Kate” of Kavieng, Papua New Guinea, by Rod Pearce

By Pierre Kosmidis Rod Pearce has dedicated his time and efforts finding underwater aircraft wrecks and seeking closure to the families of hundreds -if not thousands- of Missing in Action (MIA) airmen from all nations that fought during World War Two. Rod has been diving in Papua New Guinea for 40 years and is credited […]

UPDATE! The “Bat”, an Italian SM81 bomber between Kas and Kastellorizo

By Pierre Kosmidis Underwater photos by Asim Karsçakar The aircraft wreck close to the coast of Turkey, located at sea between the city of Kas and the Greek island of Kastellorizo is not a SM79 “Sparviero” (hawk), as previously thought, but a SM81 “Pipistrello” (bat), with the code 223-4. Details emerged as to its identity from […]