Wartime graffiti: Soldier artists turn their barracks into an art gallery

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Markos Spanos Leros Island in the Dodecanese, Greece,  was a theatre of fierce fighting in 1943, marking the last German victory of strategic importance in the Aegean, with the Operation code named “Taifun”. READ MORE: Battlefield Archaeology: The rare relics of Leros, 1943   The Battles for Kos and Leros, 1943 – […]

Only a handful escaped: The LRDG disaster in Levitha, Saturday 29 October 1943

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and research: Andreas Galanos Additional reading (click the links below in red): Autumn 1943: Operation “Taifun”, the Battle for Leros, the tragic end of the LRDG and the defeat of the British   The Battles for Kos and Leros, 1943 – the new edition of “Churchill’s Folly”   Leros Island, 1943: […]

Battlefield Archaeology: One of the last battles of WW2 in May 1945

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Panagiotis Mprokos The war in Europe was almost over in Europe in late April, early May 1945. The Russians had conquered Berlin, the nazi leader Hitler had committed suicide and the western Allies were moving swiftly in the heartland of the 3rd Reich. It was just a matter of days, before […]

The rare warbirds of the Hellenic Air Force Museum

By Pierre Kosmidis   The Hellenic Air Force Museum, located at Dekelia Air Base (ICAO: LGTT), at the north of Athens, features some unique aircraft, ranging from WW2 to today. The Air Base started operating in 1918 and features a single runway with a length of 1764 metres. The airport is currently used by the […]

Mystery solved! The life and death of Xenophon Castrisos

By Pierre Kosmidis It all began with a black and white photograph of a soldier reading a Greek newspaper, “somewhere in the Pacific” during WW2. The newspaper is the “ΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΟΣ ΚΗΡΥΞ” or “Hellenic Herald” and according to the caption “Xenophon Castrisos (Castles), an aerial photographer with the Royal Australian Air Force, reads the Hellenic Herald, […]

Behind the scenes: Preserving and restoring rare warbirds from WW2 to present

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos: Yannis Mylonas & Pierre Kosmidis/www.ww2wrecks.com  Additional resources: 1/ Hellenic Air Force Museum – The wings of history (click to read the story) 2/ The rare warbirds of the Hellenic Air Force Museum (click to read the story) Aviation enthusiasts all over the world are thrilled every time they see an aircraft from a bygone era […]

Postcards celebrating Greek victories against the Italians in 1940-41

By Pierre Kosmidis A series of postcards issued in 1945, celebrated the Greek victory against the fascist hordes of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Each of these postcards marks a specific date, related to some of the events of the Greco-Italian war of 1940.  The Italians initiated their offensive against the northern borders of Greece from […]

Kostas Kavvathias, the Greek master of Aviation Art

By Pierre Kosmidis Kostas Kavvathias is undoubtedly  an artist whose works have established him as the Greek Aviation Art master worldwide.  Kostas , the man who has linked his name with the artistic and historically documented aviation art for over two decades, modestly says that “I do not feel like I am someone special. But I am glad […]