Reliving the past: Operation Marita and the German invasion of Greece in April 1941, through the eyes or reenactors

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Kampfgruppe “Süden” Hellenic Reenactment Group, Kampfgruppe ”Bulgarien”, Asociaţia Deutsches Freikorps and used by permission The German invasion of Greece, codenamed “Operation Marita”, was initiated in the early hours of Sunday, April 6, 1941. The German forces attacked “Metaxas Line”, a series of concrete fortifications, located mainly along the border with […]

FOUND! The lost Panzer Division and the wreck of “Marburg” full of German tanks and guns

By Pierre Kosmidis The photo of the Italian Archivio Centrale Dello Stato files, reason for the investigation of the ship’s identity – Photo Credit: LUCE/George Karelas Research: George Karelas and Gerasimos Sotiropoulos Photos: As credited Text: Pierre Kosmidis By  May 21st, 1941 the Germans had concluded the invasion of mainland Greece, codenamed “Operation Marita” and […]

Το Seafire που συνετρίβη στις 7 Οκτωβρίου του 1944 στην Κω, από το Γιάννη Λιοντή

By Pierre Kosmidis Οι φωτογραφίες είναι του Γιάννη Λιοντή  και δημοσιεύονται με την άδειά του Ο κ. Γιάννης Λιοντής από την Κω, είναι ερευνητής της Ιστορίας του πανέμορφου νησιού του Αιγαίου κατά τη διάρκεια του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου και έχει στην κατοχή του ένα σημαντικό εύρημα, το οποίο φωτίζει μια άγνωστη σελίδα της Ιστορίας του νησιού. […]

ΝΕΑ ΕΥΡΩΠΗ: Ο δοσιλογικός τύπος και οι εβραϊκές περιουσίες

By Pierre Kosmidis   Στο φύλλο της 29ης Μαρτίου του 1943, της δοσιλογικής εφημερίδας ΝΕΑ ΕΥΡΩΠΗ, η οποία κυκλοφορούσε στη Θεσσαλονίκη, ανάμεσα στα άρθρα για τις “περηφανείς νίκες των γερμανικών ενόπλων δυνάμεων στο Ανατολικόν Μέτωπον και την Τυνησίαν”, ξεχωρίζει και μια ανακοίνωση του φρουράρχου Θεσσαλονίκης, η οποία αναφέρει: “ΤΙΜΩΡΕΙΤΑΙ ΑΥΣΤΗΡΟΤΑΤΑ Η ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ ΕΙΣ ΤΑ ΟΙΚΙΑΣ […]

WW2 Bunker Archaeology: The 102 mm gun emplacements of Aegina

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos and additional information by Konstantinos Kyrimis used by permission Author and researcher Mr. Konstantinos Kyrimis, from Greece has visited and documented the Northern Aegina Fortress, a complex of bunkers which were built between 1936 and 1940 by the Greeks, in view of the oncoming World War. “The Northern Aegina Fortress or BOA, […]

Then and Now: 1941-2018 in Crete, by researcher Andreas Sfakianakis

By Pierre Kosmidis Research and photos: Andreas Sfakianakis Mr. Andreas Sfakianakis, a researcher from Crete, has identified the exact locations of photos shot in 1941, which are the property of the Australian War Memorial. In these photos, which date back to April 1941, the Allied Forces are expecting the German onslaught, which took place roughly a […]

A Bf109 aircraft wreck shot down in 1944! Help us identify it!

By Pierre Kosmidis Not far from the northern coast of Crete, close to Anissaras, at approximately 800 metres from the beach, in a sandy seafloor, 27 metres under the surface, a German Messerschmitt Bf109 fighter aircraft is lying upside down, frozen in time. Underwater photographer Philippos Marakis, born in 1982 in Crete, captured unique photos […]

Letters from the front: Greek soldiers write back to their families in 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis The fight against the Italians on the mountains of Albania is raging and the Greek soldiers, in the lull of the battles, write back home to their wives, girlfriends or parents. Correspondence with their loved ones was a crucial lifeline with the ordinary lives they had to leave behind, when the Italians […]