Case study in Guerrilla war: Greece during WW2

A very interesting book by the Special Warfare Research Division, Special Operations Research Office, American University, 1961 Click the links below: Case study in Guerrilla war: Greece during WW2   List of all the destruction inflicted to Greece by the triple occupation by the Germans, Italians and Bulgarians

Battlefield Archaeology: The massive 340 mm naval guns protecting Keroman U-Boat base at Lorient

By Pierre Kosmidis Research by Evan Panagopoulos, used by permission All colour photos are © explorabilia, used by permission Evan Panagopoulos is an avid fan of brutalist and mid-century architecture, a knowledgeable WW2 and Victorian-era enthusiast, and likes engaging with abandoned spaces and obscure history. Evan has a knack for rediscovering forgotten and unseen spaces hiding […]

Kos and Leros 1943, The German conquest of the Dodecanese, by Anthony Rogers

By Pierre Kosmidis Anthony Rogers is an acclaimed author and researcher, known for his books detailing events in the Mediterranean during World War 2. His new book, by Osprey Publishing, is expected to be available from  August 22nd 2019 and is titled Kos and Leros 1943, The German conquest of the Dodecanese.  The book is an illustrated account […]

Battlefield Archaeology: The forgotten bunkers of 1943

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos & Research by Andreas Galanos Archive photos by Tony Rogers, submitted via Andreas Galanos The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. Leros Island, 1943: German infantry carried out beach assaults and, unusually, Fallschirmjäger were deployed in their intended role […]

Then and now: Arpalouki bunker complex, April 1941 – April 2019

By Pierre Kosmidis Lt. Colonel (ret.) Ilias Kotridis has positively identified a photo of a Greek bunker, which was shot by an unnamed German soldier back in April 1941. Arpalouki Bunker Complex, located at 41°20’54″N  23°15’35″E By comparing the black and white photo with a colour photo Lt. Colonel (ret.) Ilias Kotridis shot recently, it is […]

The Metaxas Line bunkers through previously unpublished photos

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Ted Konstantinov and used by permission The Metaxas Line, the series of bunker complexes in the northern borders of Greece, withstood the German onslaught, during the initial stages of “Operation Marita”, the German invasion of Greece, initiated on April 6, 1941. Many photos have surfaced over the years, mostly […]

Then and Now, 1941-2019: Bulgarian Lt. Colonel Georgi Dernikov in Athens

By Pierre Kosmidis Photo submitted by Ted Konstantinov and used by permission The officer on the right is Bulgarian Lt.Colonel Georgi Dernikov. In March 1941, prior to Operation Marita, the German invasion of Greece, which was initiated on April 6, 1941, Dernikov was appointed as liaison officer with the Luftwaffe’s 8th Air Corps (VIII. Fliegerkorps), […]