FOUND! A WW2 Italian fighter Macchi C202 “Folgore” wreck (VIDEO)

By Pierre Kosmidis The ROV Hercules came across the remains of a downed aircraft in Sicily, Italy. The Wing Roundel on this Regia Aeronautica’s aircraft is still visible after 70+ years at the bottom of the sea! This fighter aircraft is a WW2 Italian fighter Macchi C.202 Folgore. SOURCE

HMS Ben-My-Chree: The “Woman of My Heart”, the first seaplane carrier sunk in 1917

By Pierre Kosmidis A virtually unknown story, of great historical significance, comes to light once again 99 years after it happened, thanks to the efforts of experienced scuba diver, Trimix instructor and explorer Mr. Asim Karsçakar from Turkey. Mr. Karsçakar conducted a series of dives in the area with fellow scuba divers Mr. Aziz Yiğitler and Mr. […]

Vickers Wellington: A rare WW2 treasure at the seabed of the Aegean Sea

By Pierre Kosmidis PHOTOS: LENA TSOPOUROPOULOU   The Vickers Wellington bomber found in Sifnos Island at the Cyclades, Greece, is one of the few wrecks of its type -if not the only one- that is preserved in such an excellent condition. Another forgotten page from the years of World War II was discovered thanks […]

The Hellenic Navy vessel that fought on D-Day and became a WW2 floating museum

By Pierre Kosmidis After the Second World War, many ships that were not sold for scrap metal, were transferred to allied countries. One of those vessels, the LST-325 (Landing Ship Tank), which was built in 1943, was given to Greece in 1964 and remained until decommissioning in 1993 in the ranks of the Hellenic Navy. Vessels […]

FOUND! A downed WW2 German Bf109 fighter aircraft frozen in time!

By Pierre Kosmidis The island of Crete, the “graveyard of the nazi fallschirmjagers”, a title earned because of the horrific casualties the German elite paratroopers suffered during the invasion of the island in May 1941, is a battlefield that still yields relics related to the fierce battles fought on the ground, as well as at […]

“Oria” shipwreck, the watery grave of 4,000 POWs in 1944

By Pierre Kosmidis The sinking of the steamship “Oria” in Gaidouronisi, a tragedy in the dark years of the nazi occupation of Greece in February 1944, which  resulted in 4,115 drowned Italian POWs, almost three times as many victims as the Titanic, is largely forgotten and kept in the dark drawers of history. Few people […]