Knyaguinya Maria Luisa: The moment a steamship exploded in Piraeus port, 30 May 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis Research by Tony Allen, Dimitris Galon and Ted Kostantinov The Bulgarian steamship Knyaguinya Maria Luisa was destroyed in Piraeus harbour on May 30th, 1941. Her deck cargo of benzine in drums caught fire and this detonated her cargo of munitions. The ship blew up with an explosion that sank three ships in the harbour and caused some […]

The Greek Historical Revival Group at the 2019 Tanagra Air Show

By Pierre Kosmidis Photos submitted by Giorgos Skaniakos and used by permission The Greek Historical Revival Group, in cooperation with Khaki Depot and the Athens War Museum, presented a representation of soldiers, ranging from 1919 to the Vietnam War at the 2019 Tanagra Air Show. Here is a selection of photos from the event   […]

27 January 1944: A unique photo of four downed Luftwaffe aircraft in Mykonos, Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis Photo by Manolis Bardanis Research by Manolis Bardanis and George Karelas The serene beaches of Rinia, close to Mykonos island, have a tragic past, which was unveiled thanks to the combined efforts of Greek researchers Kostas Koukovinis and Thanos Antonelos  Now, thanks to respected researcher Manolis Bardanis, who searched the archives of […]

ΒΟΤΡΥΣ: Το ελληνικό πλοίο που βυθίστηκε στην Αλβανία το 1940. Ο Γιώργος Καρέλας ξετυλίγει το μίτο του μυστηρίου.

By Pierre Kosmidis Ιστορική έρευνα και φωτογραφίες: Γιώργος Καρέλας Άλλη μια σημαντική επιτυχία του διακεκριμένου ερευνητή και έμπειρου αυτοδύτη Γιώργου Καρέλα, έρχεται να φωτίσει την άγνωστη ιστορία ενός ναυαγίου ελληνικού πλοίου, στις 29 Δεκεμβρίου του 1940, το οποίο βυθίστηκε στο λιμάνι των Αγίων Σαράντα, από την ιταλική αεροπορία. Η εξιστόρηση της έρευνας, της αναζήτησης, της […]

Case study in Guerrilla war: Greece during WW2

A very interesting book by the Special Warfare Research Division, Special Operations Research Office, American University, 1961 Click the links below: Case study in Guerrilla war: Greece during WW2   List of all the destruction inflicted to Greece by the triple occupation by the Germans, Italians and Bulgarians

Battlefield Archaeology: The massive 340 mm naval guns protecting Keroman U-Boat base at Lorient

By Pierre Kosmidis Research by Evan Panagopoulos, used by permission All colour photos are © explorabilia, used by permission Evan Panagopoulos is an avid fan of brutalist and mid-century architecture, a knowledgeable WW2 and Victorian-era enthusiast, and likes engaging with abandoned spaces and obscure history. Evan has a knack for rediscovering forgotten and unseen spaces hiding […]

Kos and Leros 1943, The German conquest of the Dodecanese, by Anthony Rogers

By Pierre Kosmidis Anthony Rogers is an acclaimed author and researcher, known for his books detailing events in the Mediterranean during World War 2. His new book, by Osprey Publishing, is expected to be available from  August 22nd 2019 and is titled Kos and Leros 1943, The German conquest of the Dodecanese.  The book is an illustrated account […]