FOUND! Théophile Gautier: A French ocean liner at the seabed of the Aegean

By Pierre Kosmidis The Aegean seabed is a silent witness of many dramatic events during the Second World War. The research team located and positively identified the wreck of the French ocean liner Théophile Gautier, at a depth of 112 meters below sea level. “Following information received from local fishermen, and thorough research in the historical archives, and despite […]

Scapa Flow, the largest shipwreck graveyard in Europe

By Pierre Kosmidis Divers from around the world visit Scapa Flow to explore the WW1 wrecks and to discover European history resting on the seabed of Scotland. Armistice and internment of the German fleet Scapa Flow is a natural bay, sheltered from the wind, located in the Orkney Islands. This port was used as naval base for the Royal […]

Found and identified: Two WW2 wrecks lost since April 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis In the bustling port of Piraeus nowadays, thousands of tourists from all over the world are waiting every day to sail for a holiday to the Aegean islands and dozens of ships of all types are berthed at the docks. Credit Image:  John H Marsh Maritime, Research Centre, Iziko Museums of Cape Town […]