Found and identified: Two WW2 wrecks lost since April 1941

By Pierre Kosmidis In the bustling port of Piraeus nowadays, thousands of tourists from all over the world are waiting every day to sail for a holiday to the Aegean islands and dozens of ships of all types are berthed at the docks. Credit Image:  John H Marsh Maritime, Research Centre, Iziko Museums of Cape Town […]

FOUND! The WW2 Greek submarine Y1 “Katsonis”, sunk on September 14, 1943

By Pierre Kosmidis The wreck of the Greek WW2 submarine Y1 “Katsonis” has been located according to the Hellenic Navy, close to Skiathos Island, at a depth of over 200 metres (other sources claim the depth to be closer to 600 metres).   Photo source: The Hellenic Navy ship “Naftilos” (Nautilus) conducted a thorough research […]

HMHS Britannic: The… other Titanic, sunk on 21 November 1916, in Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis The Titanic is a shipwreck that has attracted the interest of the audience for over 100 years, since its sinking back in 1912. Few are aware though that her sister ship the Britannic, sunk during WW1 in the Aegean Sea, Greece, on November 21st, 1916, with the loss of 30 persons out […]

Inside a submarine wreck: Aldo Ferrucci’s stunning photos from a WW2 Wreck

By Pierre Kosmidis Located around Cap Camarat, between Cavalaire and Saint Tropez, the wreck of the Rubis is a ‘must dive’ in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a mine launcher submarine that left Toulon in 1931. PHOTOS BY ALDO FERRUCCI Measuring 66m long over 7m wide and 8m high, it could have set 32 mines […]

Graf Zeppelin: Diving at the unique WW2 German aircraft carrier (photos and videos)

By Pierre Kosmidis This story is dedicated to the memory of dear friend Dimitris “Dima” Stavrakakis 1966-2016  Underwater photos by Tomasz “Tomek” Stachura   Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A, Aircraft Carrier A) was the only aircraft carrier launched by Germany during World War II and represented part of the Kriegsmarine’s attempt to create a well-balanced oceangoing fleet, […]