The hidden WW2 Pacific treasures of Babeldaob island: A buried Type 95 Ha-Gō (九五式軽戦車 ハ号) light tank

WW2, WW2 Pacific Treasures, WW2 Wrecks

By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos by Shinohara Naoto


Babeldaob is the largest island in the island nation of the Republic of Palau.


During World War II a Japanese garrison on Babeldaob was composed of 21,449 Imperial Japanese Army men under the command of Lieutenant-General Sadae Inoue and 8,286 Imperial Japanese Navy men under the command of Vice-Admiral Kenmi Itoh.


While Babeldaob was bypassed by the Allied forces during the war, many WW2 relics still remain well hidden, such as this Type 95 Ha-Gō (九五式軽戦車 ハ号) light tank, photographed by Japanese author and photographer Shinohara Naoto


According to Mr. Shinohara Naoto the Japanese buried this Type 95, along with another 6 similar tanks. Although the turret was lost, the state of the inside was preserved as it was then.”