Straight out of the jungle: The WW2 Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go tanks forgotten in time

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photos by Dirk H.R. Spennemann 

According to Dirk H.R. Spennemann at the end of World war II the US forces requested that the Japanese concentrate their equipment for disarmamment.


All tanks were parked for inspection on the Etscheidt property outside Kolonia, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.


Several of the tanks were pulled out of the undergrowth and aligned in a row in 1995. Two of the tanks were pulled under cover and one tank has been moved into the centre of town where it is now arranged next to the post office. The tanks are private property, purchased at auction from the US Navy in the 1950s.


Some of these tanks have since been cannibalized in order to restore one of them in working condition.