Still missing in Greece: Soldier gunner Michele Mone of Italian Division “BRENNERO” 47° group field anti-aircraft artillery

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By Pierre Kosmidis

Photo and information submitted by Giuseppe Monaco and used by permission

Another forgotten story from WW2 comes to ligh, thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Monaco, the great-grandson of soldier gunner Michele Mone, born in Piana di Caiazzo in the province of Caserta on 2 February 1921.

Unfortunately Michele Mone is still unaccounted for and decades after he was last heard of, his family is still looking for information on his sad fate.

According to Mr. Monaco, Michele, then 22 years old, belonged to the 1st battery Division “BRENNERO” 47° group field anti-aircraft from 75/46.

His last letter sent by military post “29” was dated 13 August 1943 and then there was no more news.

The Italian Red Cross has been listing him as missing in action since 06.06.1943.

From the story of one of his comrades, now no longer alive, he last saw him on a train bound for Germany, from which he escaped and perhaps was shot on the spot.

In his letters he mentions some cities, such as Athens, Nauplio, Larissa. Some letters mention the names of Major Group Commander Sergio Mario and Lieutenant Dante or Sante Toffolo.

Any assistance in locating more information and bring closure to the family of this young man lost somewhere in Greece back in 1943, will be a lasting tribute to his memory.