Photos of a Stuka Ju 87D aircraft wreck found in Russia

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By Pierre Kosmidis


A Stuka JU 87 D aircraft wreck was found in Tver region , central Russia in June 2007, according to the website

This Luftwaffe dive bomber was identified as WNr 2761 Stammkennzeichen VD+GY, Kennung T6+GS, with the crew of pilot FF Besatzung Uffz Karl Friedl, and gunner BF Uffz Heinz Piereau
Truppenteil 8./ StG 2.

The Stuka was shot down by anti aircraft fire on August 30, 1942 and found in June 2007.

The pilot managed to bail out and returned to his unit on September 9, 1942.

The gunner though was unlucky, as he went down with his aircraft and was listed as Missing in Action, presumed dead.

His remains, along with many personal items were found by Russians in June 2007, thus confirming that the 24 year old gunner died in the crash.

The thick clay preserved many items, instrument panels of the Stuka, along with personal items, clothing and parts of the crashed aircraft.

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The crash site

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