FOUND! A jeep at the banks of a river

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A jeep emerged from the banks of Adda river in northern Italy.

It was hidden in the thick of vegetation in the Mezzanino area of Boffalora d’Adda, in the floodplain area of the river, and a person who was taking a walk with his dog found it.

boffalora_jeep (2)

The forensic team of the local police authorities is examining the area for the possibility of any human remains.

How did this vehicle remain “invisible” for so many years, is a mystery. But among the hypotheses being examined, according to the local newspaper “Il Cittadino” there is the possibility that it was brought to the river banks by a flood of the river. It was half buried in the muddy ground and it looks like it had been there for many years.

boffalora_jeep (3)