Edward Eddie Havlicek dishonest, thief, conman, stole 430 US Dollars – BEWARE!

Edward Eddie Havlicek from Illinois, USA, is dishonest, a thief, a conman, who stole 450 US Dollars from me – BEWARE!

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Edward Eddie Havlicek had a gravity knife for sale at a price of 400 US Dollars and I agreed to pay him 430 US Dollars, including tracked airmail.


I paid him through Western Union on May 10, 2017 and he received the total amount on the same day.


I expected Edward Eddie Havlicek to honour our agreement and send the gravity knife I paid him for, but with a series of excuses he avoided to go to the post office, send me a proof of posting, a tracking number or a parcel photo.



After a few days he stopped responding to messenger messages and e-mail and now, August 8, 2017, that is 3 whole months after he received the 430 US Dollars from me, I have no option but to inform the community about Edward Eddie Havlicek being a dishonest conman, a person who stole 430 US Dollars from me, without honouring our agreement.

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All documentation is available and I sincerely wish Edward Eddie Havlicek would not have proved to be a common thief, a conman and a dishonest person who stole from me 430 US Dollars.

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24 may 2017

I am sure that when his friends, family and especially his children read about Edward Eddie Havlicek being a conman, a thief and a dishonest person, they will be as disappointed as I am.


Fellow collectors BEWARE! EDWARD EDDIE HAVLICEK FROM ILLINOIS, USA (currently residing in Somonauk, all his contact info is available for the report to be made to the appropriate law enforcement authorities) IS A DISHONEST PERSON, A MAN WHO IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!