25 March 1942: Greeks march defiantly on Independence Day, despite the triple occupation of Greece by Germans, Italians and Bulgarians

WW2 in Greece

By Pierre Kosmidis

By April 1941, Greece became yet another country under Axis occupation, after 8 months of bitter fighting against the Italians and the Germans.

The winter of 1941-42 was one of the harshest, with people dying of famine and exposure to the elements in the streets of Athens and all across Greece.

Wednesday March 25, 1942 was an important day for Greece.

The Greeks were celebrating the National Independence Day, but under the boot of the occupying forces, any celebration would be seen as an act of defiance.

According to this period photo, shot on this very day and smuggled out of Greece, we see Greeks marching proudly in the streets of Athens, with the Greek flag, paying their respect to the Independence Day and sending a straightforward message to the invaders.

Shortly after this photo was shot, the occupying forces dispersed this rally, according to the original caption of the photo.